How Dimensions effects Worlds or Universes

Exploring worlds in Dimensions

We need to understand existed Dimensions in our Universe. Understanding Dimensions in Universe is required to be keen in Astrophysics mainly deals with Space, Time, Multiverses or many worlds, Quantum Mechanics nature, and invention of new theories, physics laws etc.,

I try to cover dimensions in…

Probabilistic Models or Approaches in Artificial Intelligence

Exploring Probabilistic Generative, Discriminative, Bayesian in AI Algorithms

Probabilistic Approaches or Algorithms play a vital role in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science for generating, reasoning, decisions (simple and complex). This article covers Generative, Discriminative and Reasoning with Bayes Networks approaches. …

Cognitive Science and Physics is being used to enhance Artificial Intelligence

Using Cognitive Science and Physics

This article explores the usages of Cognitive Science and Physics to combine with Artificial Intelligence. The power of AI is not only limited to Machines or programs or vehicles or smart systems, it enlarges with various domains to overcome the difficulties of hard environments where…


Data Architect, Researcher & Guest Faculty in AI ,Autonomous Vehicles & Quantum Computing.

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